Timber Pavillion Workshop

FACTORY architecture were recently asked to run a ‘special studies’ class for year 4 students within the University of Strathclyde’s architecture department.  The premise of the class was to provide the students with experience of running a small project in collaboration with an architectural practice and client.

We asked The Letter J if they would like to be involved and from there a brief was set around the theatrical production Grandad & Me.  The brief required the students to not only design and build a spatial intervention that would be de-mountable, but also to source key funding partners and acquire materials for the build.  An important aspect of the brief was that the students produced a concept that held an architectural expression while providing an interactive space for The Letter J and their forthcoming theatre workshops.

The structure created was largely flat-packed for ease of transportation and fabricated on a limited budget.  Once assembled on site, the pavilion was ‘cloaked’ in a translucent curtain and populated with objects from both the Grandad & Me production and the creative output of the workshops.

The project was realised with thanks to the following partners:

The Letter J

The MAKLab


Student collaborators:

Clare Paton / Kimberley Noble / Chris Hudson / Craig Higgins


G & Me Pavilion

The Timber pavilion reassembled on site


G & Me pavilion under construction

The pavilion under construction


G & Me pavilion detail

Timber jointing detail