The Memorial to the Lost Trawlermen of Hull / Design Proposal

Glasgow based architectural practices FACTORY architecture and Dress for the Weather have collaborated with artist Jacqueline Donachie to propose a substantial and beautiful landmark for the memorial to The Lost Trawlermen of Hull.

The proposal, which references Arctic fishing grounds on pre-cast concrete walls, features a handmade steel mesh with which to display floral tributes. The arrangment of the memorial considers the importance of the annual Lost Trawlermens day and facilitates a procession and opportunity to cast flowers into the River Humber via a cantilevered platform.

A place of sanctuary and reflection, the floor forms a timber deck that has been hollowed underneath to alter the sound within the space.  Placed centrally within the memorial is a heated concrete disc that will further build the connection between visitor and memorial.  The form of the space has been influenced by the tradition of placing a handmade vase within the Fishermen’s Bethel as a place to bring floral tributes.  The ‘visual noise’ that surrounds the site has been masked allowing the visitor to focus on the memorial and the vista of the River Humber.

The Approach to the memorial


The Surrounding context


The interior on Memorial day


The vista of the River Humber


A platform for casting flowers to sea


Memorial site plan