Scottish Scenic Routes

FACTORY architecture recently submitted a proposal for the Scottish Scenic Routes competition. Set in the picturesque site of Inveruglas on the banks of Loch Lomond, the proposal responded to the challenging topography and beauty of the site. We identified that a key challenge in the brief was to design a structure that would impose on the landscape and draw attention to the site without detracting from the location.

The solution was to project a series of timber clad platforms from the top of a mound, using the step incline without the need for stairs.

A key component of the scheme was to ensure that the viewing platform would be accessible to all. To facilitate this, the proposal detailed the introduction of a small bridge that would skirt round the coast of the site, removing the need to travel along a long path to the rear of the car park.

A series of walkways intersect the site, connecting the platforms and forming a wild garden at the centre of the site. The intention being that as people circulate the space their senses are brought in close and taken away far into the distance as they reach a key point or view. A number of picnic spots provide space to sit and a series of cuts through the structure form shelters and spaces to climb through and explore.