Scottish Scenic Routes II

The Scottish Scenic Routes competition returned for a second phase with spectacular locations and challenging sites.  Selecting the site of Corgraff in the Cairngorms National Park, the brief sought a proposal that would ‘encourage road users to stop and engage with the outstanding landscape and cultural heritage of this location’.


Design Concept

Situated within a vast open landscape of sweeping forms and blustering wind, a road sets off into the mountains, winding up.

As the incline sweeps off into the distance, a structure sits, surveying the view.  A bold monumental form imposes on the landscape without detracting from the beauty with a stylised form.  Emulating the architecture of nearby Corgraff Castle, deep reveals carved from solid walls are both inviting and defensive within a turbulent climate.

Granite encased in gabion baskets provides an economical and locally sourced solution for an outpost to weary travellers.

2051525DPH - Corgraff-02